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Fire Salvage

Over the years Wurtz Bros. has successfully and safely cleaned up many burning agricultural silos, grain bins and train derailments for CN and CP. Wurtz Bros also specializes in Elevator Fire Salvage. We have been frequently featured in local newspapers in Western Canada for over 30 years as a leading edge elevator fire salvage expert. We service all of western Canada and have cleaned up an estimate of 67 elevator fire projects in the past 30 years.

Wurtz Bros. Ltd. maintains specialized capabilities and equipment for the grain removal of any elevator fire and cleanup with magnetized screeners to remove nails and other objects in salvaged grain. All heavy equipment has fire retardant and heat resistant capabilities. A complete list of heavy equipment and specialized capabilities can be supplied upon request.

We have experience working closely with a variety of different insurance companies. We provide complete clean up and selling of salvage to reduce loss. Approximately 75% of grain can be salvaged and used to pay for the clean up. Screening capabilities is approximately 4000-5000 bushels per hr.

Wurtz Bros. is familiar with all the procedures, safety precautions and environmental regulations. It maintains a skilled labor force with 15 years of training under supervision of a fire specialist that was employed by Underwriters Insurance Company. We provide 24-hour emergency service and speedy mobilization. The sooner you notify us and we begin clean up, the more good quality grain we can salvage to help you save on cost.

For more information and for emergency 24 service please contact us at 204-466-2824.

Some of Our Fire Salvage Experience

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    Wurtz Bros. Ltd. - Expert Concrete Placement Services

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