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Concrete that has been properly placed, cured and protected will last longer than any other building material. To learn more about:

Placing Concrete
Concrete Finishing
Curing Concrete In Cold Weather
Dura-Mix Concrete
Concrete Additives

Placing Concrete

Click here to view some procedures for achieving scale resistant, long lasting quality concrete for driveways or garage slabs. The above link and the tips come from the Manitoba Ready Mix Concrete Association.

Click here to learn about the causes of concrete cracking.

Click here to learn more about Finishing Concrete Flatwork.

Concrete Finishing

Wurtz Bros. does not provide finishing services or sell color pigments but we can direct you to places and people who do just give us a call.

Concrete can be stamped with special tools to create the look of many different textures such as brick, tile, cobblestone and slate. Exposed aggregate finish gives a more natural look. By washing away the surface mortar as the concrete hardens.

Something to keep in mind when using color is that the color can very slightly from load to load so there are a couple of things to consider. Watch how much water is added and if a slump is high, a superplasticizer is recommended. Use only non-chloride accelerators. How old and the temperature of the concrete when it is poured will also have an effect on the color.


When concrete is fully cured it is a good idea to apply a sealing agent as it makes it easier to clean, it provides protection against de-icing salts, it also helps resist mildew and other surface staining from occurring.

Curing Concrete in Cold Weather

Concrete sets up more slowly when the temperature goes down. Do not place concrete on snow, frozen ground, or in freezing weather. If it freezes while in a saturated condition, surface problems like scaling and cracking due to the expansion and contraction of frozen water inside concrete.

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Dura-Mix Concrete

Dura-Mix is a special mix designed to work well with Manitoba winter weather conditions. Providing durability even with damaging de-icing chemicals and freezing conditions. For pouring driveways, sidewalks, patios, or anything outside we don’t recommend 3500 PSI and don’t offer any guarantee that it won’t scale. Wurtz Bros. does offer a guarantee when you order Dura-Mix provided that the concrete has been poured and finished correctly. With this product you can be certain that you will be getting a durable product, which will stay attractive.

Concrete Additives


Superplasticizers are admixtures that increase slump to make concrete easier to place. Helping you reduce water to gain higher, earlier strengths. It is good for walls, floors, column, suspended slabs and anywhere that you need to achieve a higher concrete slump. It can help you build more economically and give you a better quality of concrete.


Fibermesh is designed to reduce plastic settlement cracks, reduce plastic shrinkage cracks, increased impact, lower permeability and abrasion & shatter resistance.

Air Entrainment

Air entrainments will significantly improve the durability of concrete exposed to moisture during cycles of freezing and thawing. It also improves resistance to surface scaling and caused by chemicals such as salt. It increases workability and decreases permeability. Do not power trowel concrete that contains air entrainment as it removes the tiny air bubbles.

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STRUX 90/40

STRUX 90/40 is a synthetic structural fiber reinforcement that has purposely been designed to replace steel fibers, welded wire fabric, light rebar and other secondary reinforcement in slab on ground flooring. The advantages are many including; tight crack control, good dispersion and pump-ability, durability, no corrosion issue, quick easy and safe application, an efficient and cost effective reinforcement alternative.

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